62. Failure, an explanation of the shadow of the 32nd Gene key

13 May 2022 | Personal Growth

Failure, an explanation of the shadow of the 32nd Gene key

In this episode, Veerle contemplates the shadow of the 32nd Gene Key Failure. This episode is filled with examples of how failure will show up in life, how failure is connected to fear and how to work through it.

The reason why I recorded this podcast, is because failure is a topic that came to me through my Gene Keys.

Gene Keys

If you don’t know what Gene Keys are, it is a system based on the Kaballah, I Ching, and Human Design. It is based on the positions of the planets at the moment that you are born. I will not share more about how the Gene Keys are built, if you want to know more about that, please go to the official Gene Key website.

Evere Gene Key has 3 fases.

  • The Shadow
  • The Gift
  • The Siddhi

That part of the gene keys, I will explain in another episode.

4 gifts

When you get your free Gene Key profile, you will get your 4 gifts.

  • lifework
  • evolution
  • purpose
  • radiance

The Gene Key that is my lifework is the 32nd Gene Key.
The Shadow is Failure,
The Gift is Preservation
The Siddhi is Veneration

If you are not in control of your mind or aware ot its power than your mind will run your life, which means that fear will run your life.

Richard Rudd

Failure = Fear

Failure is closely connected to fear. We think we have failed when we die, when we are not loved etc. There is always a fear of failure. We have this inner judgment system built within ourselves. That is our mind, our ego. The function of our mind is to keep us safe. That has been this way since we lived as cavemen. We need to be alert to be able to survive. We need to be part of the group to survive. Back then it was useful to listen to your mind.

These days our mind keeps us small. It will protect us from everything that is outside of our comfort zone. And everything that is out of our comfort zone, is where we can grow. If we want to grow, we need to go out of our comfort zone. But being outside our comfort zone can be dangerous, that’s why our mind is always limiting us.

When you surrender to the greater pattern and raise your consciousness above the fear threshold, money always arrives just when it s needed.

Richard Rudd

Want to know more about Gene Keys?

You can go to the Gene Keys website to get your free profile. There you will read your gifts. I remember how overwhelming it was to read all that, I really couldn’t make much sense out of it. Therefore I want to offer you my help with understanding it all. We will deep dive together into your activation sequence within 3 calls. These calls will be a month apart, so you have time in between to contemplate all that we discuss. If you have questions in between you can always ask them.

This offer is €299,- and is valid until the end of July 2022.

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