63. The 9 lessons I Learned On Gran Canaria

1 Jun 2022 | Digital Nomad, Personal Growth

63. The 9 lessons I Learned On Gran Canaria

In this episode, Veerle talks about the lessons that she has learned while living on Gran Canaria for 9 months. In those 9 months, she lived partly in Las Palmas and partly in the countryside. She gives her biggest lessons and shares if she is going back to the island anytime soon.

9 Lessons I have Learned on Gran Canaria

  1. You are beautiful as you are
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  2. Follow your gut, even when you don t know why
  3. Bad moments are part of it
  4. What you focus on, happens
  5. Life happens outside
  6. Life is based on expectations -> Life is now.
  7. People always wait for urgency
  8. You don t need all that stuff
  9. It is not about the end goal, but about the journey

Bottom line is

Choose you!

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