Always follow your dreams

You get freedom by pursuing your dreams. But do you know what your dreams are?
I’d love to help you figure out what freedom is for you and how you can get more of it into your life.

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Hi, I am Veerle

I am a big believer in always following your dreams!

My whole life, people told me that I was different. I have always known that a 9 to 5 life wasn’t for me, still I tried to live up to society’s expectations.

That brought me a life full of depression, fatigue, and burnout because I was living somebody else’s life.

I broke free of all the expectations and fully embraced living life on my terms. I gave away all my belongings, canceled my house, and ever since my home is wherever I unpack my suitcase.

I completely embraced the nomadic lifestyle and became the fearless woman I always knew I was.

Now it is time to help others. Help them follow their energy to live a life full of freedom.

Are you ready to live a life full of freedom as well?

Do you know you need a change in your life, but you don’t know where  to start?

I am here to help. I’ll get you in the right energy to transform your life to your dream life.





Days as a nomad

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Fearless Adventure podcast

In the Fearless Adventure Podcast, I will take you on a journey.

In this podcast I will give you a glimpse into my location-independent, free life.

I will tell you about the challenges of online entrepreneurship as a nomad, about finding the right mindset to grow and how you can experience real freedom in your own, non-nomadic life.

Gran Canaria
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How did I get here?

I used to work as a freelancer at festivals. For a while, it felt like I was living the dream, but soon it felt like a trap.

Every time I told someone I was organizing festivals, they said that must be living the dream. And every time I just felt numb.

Once it has been my dream, my hobby, my life. In the end, I just felt like it was holding me back. I wanted to travel the world and start my own online business. And so I did.

I canceled my house, started to travel and work wherever, following my energy.

And that has been the key. Taking action and focussing on alignment. That’s what helped me and why I focus my days to help people do the same.

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Suppen op de Vecht
Suppen op de Vecht
Barranco de las Vacas op Gran Canaria

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