© Josipa Uzelac
© Josipa Uzelac

Who is Veerle?

Veerle is a dutch name, which means traveling warrior.  It is unpronouncable in English, and that’s why Veerle is called Fearless.

So it is only natural that I enjoy my life as a nomad to the fullest. It is in my “being” to strive for freedom. To fight for the freedom of every person.

You can describe me as a free spirit. You can’t put me in a box and I also believe that this is not necessary.

Nobody puts Baby in a corner

That’s what I wish for everyone. The freedom to be yourself completely.

Growth, love, and freedom are the core values ​​that emerge everywhere in my life.

Every day I immerse myself in the world of personal development. I read books and always take courses to increase my knowledge. I would also like to pass on all this knowledge.

The urge to transfer my knowledge stems from the love for others. Caring for others has always emerged in all areas of my life. In my training as an art therapist, my history as a girl scout, and my work as a volunteer coordinator at festivals. Nowadays I mainly care for others within my coaching. I help female entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and pursue their dreams. The contact is always based on honesty and trust.

As an entrepreneur with multiple talents, I get a lot of energy out of it to help others find their freedom. I focus on female entrepreneurs. I show them the options they have through coaching and open conversations. With my autonomous approach and sometimes contrary thinking, I see possibilities that others often do not think about.

You want this for yourself as well, don’t you?

NAME: Veerle Rümke

BORN: 1985

LIVES: everywhere

IS: multi-passionate entrepreneur

EDUCATION: Art therapy

WANTS: to show that you can make most out of your life

GOES: after every dream

WISHES: that all entrepreneurs have a life full of freedom

© Josipa Uzelac