61. The Art of Receiving

8 Dec 2021 | Personal Growth

The Art of Receiving

In this episode, Veerle talks about the trouble we sometimes have regarding giving and receiving.

Do you ever get a compliment and you block it immediately? Do you feel awkward receiving a compliment? Then this episode might be for you!

There are different areas in which you can be a giver or a receiver. By taking a closer look at these areas you can start to experiment with giving and receiving.

Different areas of receiving

  • Compliments
  • Food
  • Housing
  • Love
  • Money
  • Sex

Are you open to give and receive?

What stops you of receiving?

  • The old narrative
  • The fear of letting go of control
  • Not feeling worthy to receive
  • Being afraid of what others might think
  • Feeling that you need to give back

What can you do to start receiving?

  • Start saying Thank you when you get a compliment
  • Analyse in which area’s you are giving and receiving, experiment doing the opposite.

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