55. How To Build A Business As A Multi-passionate Interview By Hannah Tönissen

19 Aug 2021 | Entrepreneurship

How To Build A Business As A Multipassionate Interview By Hannah Tönissen

This episode was originally an IGTV interview by Hannah Tönissen with me. It is a conversation about how to run a business as a multi-passionate. We tend to build our businesses around our hobbies, but what if you lose interest along the way. Should you start your business around your passion?

Hannah and I are quite similar, we both used to work in the festival/event sector and we are both online coaches. We help people build their businesses to gain more freedom in life. We are both big Notion geeks and love productivity. We met in a Mastermind at the start of 2021. Hannah has been a guest on the dutch podcast before and now I was a guest on her IGTV series. She interviews multi-passionate entrepreneurs about their journey.

Topics we talk about:

  • How to bring your passions into your work?
  • What is my favorite Notion function? [04:30]
  • My story about how I became an entrepreneur [06:20]
  • Why did I quit the festival world? [08:40]
  • I ruined my passion for festivals [11:50]
  • Should you build your business around your passion? [12:20]
  • Difference between passion and interests [13:57]
  • Work-life balance [17:10]
  • Importance of taking breaks [23:17]
  • How to focus with multiple tabs open [26:00]
  • My advice for multi-passionate entrepreneurs [31:20]
  • Automate, delegate, eliminate [32:00]

Find more information about Hannah here.

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