54. What Strategy Should You Use For Your Business?

4 Aug 2021 | Entrepreneurship

What Strategy Should You Use For Your Business?

In this episode, I share what kind of strategy works for you and your business. That comes from which way of content works for you. The conversation started when a client of mine asked for a strategy to build her online business. There is no one strategy.

Are you an audio person, video, or text?

Based on that there is a platform most suitable for you.

When you just start out with an online business you want to do all the platforms but you should only focus on one platform.

Please keep in mind that you have to experience a little bit you have to take action to get used to being visible on video or audio. A year ago I didn’t like to be on video and now I don’t blink twice to record a video.

Start practicing it doesn’t have to be for the public yet you can practice for your self I started out with vlogging just for me and my friends.


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