56. How To Live From Alignment

1 Sep 2021 | Personal Growth

How To Live From Alignment

This episode explains what alignment is. In the spiritual world, you hear people talk about alignment a lot, but for a lot of people, it is unclear what living from alignment looks like. For a long time, I couldn’t put it into words. Now I can. In this episode, I explain what alignment is and how you can live from alignment.

This is covered in the episode

  • How I find my way back to Gran Canaria
  • Everything will flow when you are living from alignment [03:48]
  • What is alignment? [04:30]
  • Align yourself every day [06:30]
  • Different ways to align [07:03]
  • Fiercely in Alignment [08:48]
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  • Create your morning ritual around alignment [12:51]
  • Make your morning ritual [14:24]
  • Listen to Morning routine episode 43


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