51. Why You Should Have More Fun In Business

5 Jul 2021 | Entrepreneurship

Why You Should Have More Fun In Business

In this short episode I will tell you about why you should have more fun in your life. When you have more fun, your business will grow.

Most people are stuck in their day to day life and live it on auto pilot. What happened to having fun? Do you do things because you want to or because you feel like you need to do it?

This episode is about having more fun. The more fun you have, the happier you will be. The more magnetic you will be and it will make your business grow. I saw this happening with a couple of my mentors. I applied it to my own business and saw the results.

That is why I am organizing the Fun for Business challenge. We will all together focus on having more fun in your life. All you need is one hour a day! From 12th til 17th of July I will go live, almost every day at 9 am CEST. That is a Europe, Australia, Asia, South Africa friendly time zone. If you can’t be there live, you can always watch the replay.

The challenge is so you will focus more on fun and to keep you accountable as well. You could do it on your own, but it will be easier and more fun together. And there will be a giveaway at the end. You can win free coaching or access to my courses.

Fun for Business Challenge

Are you ready to have more fun in your business?

These days we are focussing on being busy instead of having fun. Do you feel like you are stuck in your business and you should be further along by now?

You can start the challenge right now. There will be a new video every day. To focus on fun every day is the key to manifesting everything that you want. Click for more information.


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