Journal out Loud

Journal out loud

In this course, you will get the tools to set up a journaling routine on your own. Journaling is thé way to manifest your dream life and dream big.


4 live journal parties


4 different themes


every day journal prompts

This course is a recording of the live program from January. You can watch the journal parties in the Facebook group and still join in on the magic.

€ 99,-

People always ask me how I get so aligned or clear on what I want to do, and the answer is journaling. I have been journaling for over 20 years now. It started as a dear diary kinda thing, but now is a full-on alignment and business strategy.

I want to help you to get more into that as well, to make it second nature. In Journal Out Loud we will have 4 journal parties, journal prompts for every day about topics as planning, money, and growth.


We are gonna focus on


✨ Dreams
✨ Planning & Routines
✨ Money mindset
✨ Growth & Selfcare

Live dates


📖🖋 3 January 12:00 GMT
📖🖋 10 January 12:00 GMT
📖🖋 17 January 12:00 GMT
📖🖋 24 January 12:00 GMT

Veerle journaling

€ 99,-

I can't be there live, is that a problem?

No, not at all. The journal parties will be held live in a Facebook group, you can always find the replays there as well. It might actually even be nice to watch the replays, as you can pause the party as well and really take your time.

I am not in your timezone, at what time will you go live?
Not in the GMT/WET timezone? Check out your own timezone here:
If you are in Central Europe, we will start at 13:00.
How long will I keep access to this program?

You will keep 6 months of access.