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Explore your Gene Keys

The Gene Keys are a system based on the teachings of Richard Rudd. When you get your Hologenetic Profile it might look confusing. I still remember the moment I saw my own profile and how it made me feel. Therefore I want to help you to get clarity out of this profile. 


Dig deeper in your activation sequence


Understand the shadow sides of your Gene Keys


Learn the deeper meaning of your purpose

Together we will unravel the shadow sides of your gene keys, so that you can fully embrace and utilize your gifts and talents.

This allows you to get to know yourself on a deeper level, resulting in more peace and space for growth.

€ 299,-

When I found my Gene Keys for the first time, I remember the feeling of overwhelm. All of a sudden I found all this information on how I could live a balanced life, but I didn’t understand a word of it.

I felt this inner knowing that this information was so valuable. I should explore it. And that is what I did. I read everything I could get my hands on, I listened to everything that Richard Rudd, the founder of the Gene Keys, would publish.

One day, it all clicked. I internalized all the information. I got an insight into the conscious and unconscious patterns of my life.

I knew that the Gene Keys changed my life and I want others to help with that process.


How does this Explore your Gene Keys work?

You will send me your birth information (date, time, and location). When I have received your information, you can plan the first appointment. Together we will dive into your activation sequence.


✨ 3 calls, all one month apart
✨ 1st call: Shadows of your 4 gifts
✨ 2nd call: Your gifts
✨ 3rd call: Questions and Lines


Veerle exploring Gene Keys
I am not familiar with Gene Keys, is that a problem?
That’s no problem whatsoever. We will explore your Gene Keys together. 
Why does there have to be a month between calls?

The thing with Gene Keys is, that it needs time to settle in. You need time to contemplate. Taking a month between calls gives you time to explore and experiement with your Gene Keys.